Saturday, April 16, 2011

New And Missing You

First week of work..
It's been 3 months that i was a bum and used to be in PETICS mode so it kinda needed some getting used to at first..
But everything was fine.. The environment was pretty good, the people were nice and the whole company's nice..
But there's only one thing that if I could change, I definitely would.. It's the sched.. Well for my other new team mates, it is kinda beneficial since it gives a night differential and a hazard fee.. But for me, It is a social life destroyer..
Heheh.. Wala lang.. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, the sched is conflicting with my loLOVEs free time.. Kasi nga diba gabi ko lang sya nakakausap kasi most of the time, busy sya pag umaga.. So ayun.. Hindi ako sanay na hindi sya natetext.. Haha! Ang arte!

Well anyway, some of the policies of this company are kinda weird.. Like we can't tell to the public the name of the company that we're working for.. Then, yung welcome kit naman nila na may bag, pouch saka mug eh may logo or name nung company.. Haha! Kamusta naman diba? Wag ipagsabi? Ipakita lang? hahah!

Nakakatuwa rin kasi we have unlimited MILO.. Yeee!!! Saka the prices of the foods are justifiable naman..

The company's rules are more strict than my previous company.. Pero mas supportive yung ngayon saka mas fair yung compensation and benefits.. It seems they really value their people..

But no matter how the ambiance of the new company seems, syempre you'd still miss your old teammates and friends.. Lalo pako since I've worked with them for more than 1 year..

But honestly, what I miss the most is him.. Ewan ko.. Very ironic nga eh.. Kasi dumating yung job kung kelan ayoko pa.. Kung kelan pa almost two months nalang eh aalis na sya.. Ewan ko.. Hahah! Napaka crazy nung feeling.. Basta miss ko na sya.. Sobraaaa..

Kanina, habang nag-uusap kami ng mga bago kong teammates (LUNA which is a very nice woman, MARKY which is Bi or rather sometimes a discreet gay, ARIES which is a former crosser dresser.. yep I just found out that there's such.. and KAT which is a very nice and tahimik girl na pretty din), I wondered kung anong klaseng tao nga ba yung loLOVEs ko since we're talking about the BI's and Gays and their relationships.. Sabi kasi ni Aries, yung mga cross dressers doesn't really fall or doesn't usually get to have a relationship with BIs at puro straight lang daw nagugustuhan nila.. Kasi vice versa, yung mga BIs din daw di rin naman pumapatol sa mga cross dressers.. Eh yun din naman yung point of view ko.. Then I got confused.. Kasi kahit ako, di makapaniwala nung una that I'm inlove with a BI.. Eh kasi hindi naman ako Bi saka most of the time eh nag crocross dress ako.. Although hindi naman super.. Mahilig din  naman kasi ako sa simpleng TSHIRT lang at shorts.. Ewan ko.. Kasi pabago bago rin naman ako ng image depende sa trip  ko.. Kagaya nugn second day namin, rakista naman yung look ko.. haha! I love dressing up like that eh.. Yung pabago bago.. They even got suprised nga that CARL (yeah that's my second given name) is the name that I want them to call me.. They were asking me nga kung mas gusto ko raw ba tawagin ako in a different name kasi masyado daw masculine.. Sabi ko no.. Di naman kasi ako nasanay na tawagin sa ibang girly name.. Heheh.. Kaya ayun.. Bigla lang ako naconfuse.. Alam mo naman yun loLOVEs diba? :)

Speaking of which, busy sya today kasi he's gonna watch a concert in Araneta.. Funny nga kasi as I was about to ask him kung anong papanoorin nyang concert, a news flashed in about the concert tonight in Araneta.. It's the Script daw who would have a concert.. Hehe.. The same band that I've learned through him.. Inggit nga ako eh.. Heheh.. Or maybe baka naman it's because gusto ko din sya makasama na mapanood yung band.. So we could share the same extraordinary experience..
I guess isa lang yung sa mga events at happenings that I wanna spend with him.. Isa lang sa thousands of experiences that I wanna  have with him in a lifetime.. It might be really too early to say that.. (haha.. I just hope na by this time eh hindi pa sya nagfrefreak out.. muah!) Pero yun talaga yung nafefeel ko ngayon.. Still the same feeling that I've had since I created my very first post about him.. Hahah.. Sana hindi ako OA no? :)

So sa ngayon, eto yung song ko sa kanya with a promise that I'll never leave..

Panahon ay lilipas din 

Mga araw ay daraan 
Ang mundo ay papanaw din ngunit hindi ang aking puso 
Ngunit hindi ang pagibig ko syo 

Habang buhay kita mamahalin 
Habang buhay kita hihintayin 
Habang buhay kita mamahalin, magpakailanman 

Kaya ayun.. I'm glad nagtext ka tonight.. So with all my love,
*muahugz* WO AI NI!

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