Saturday, April 16, 2011

IF (a poem)

If I could be the sun who wakes you up,
then I would shine on you and greet your morning with my warmth..
But I can only wait for you to get up,
And check if you’ve a great night..

If I could make your meals every time,
Then I would even serve them ahead of time..
But to check on you from time to time is all I can do,
Making sure your tummy all the time feels comfortable too..

If I could be your shield everyday,
Then I would make sure that no harm comes your way..
But “take care” I can only say,
Pray and hope for your safety as you’re away..

If could come to you whenever you need comfort,
Then I would be a handkerchief to dry your tears..
But I can only give you my ears,
And assure you that I am with you..

If I could paint your face,
Then I would paint a smile on it..
But I can only memorize your face,
And make you smile whenever  I can..

If I could be your umbrella,
Then I would keep your head and even your soles dry..
But wishing is all I can do,
That it’s not illness but serenity that you’d get if you got wet..

If I could be with you all the time,
Then I would spend my every minute beside you..
But “I’m missing you” I can only say,
Wishing I could spend my lifetime with you someday..

If I can be the music that your soul dances with,
Then I would be the soundtrack to cover your whole life’s melody..
But sharing you my own music is all I can do,
Compose and play songs from my heart to you..

If I could be your doctor to heal your every pain,
Then I would give you all the medicine that world has..
But to be your nurse is all I can be,
Who will never leave, nor stop caring and loving you while you heal..

If I could be the God who gives you life,
Then I’d give you the key to live eternally..
But share my life with you is all I can do,
Or give you my life if I need to..

If I could take your heart and set the shape of it,
I would mold it to the shape of my heart..
BUt I can only wait, not for the day that I can mold it,
But for the day that your heart would beat fast, regularly, and healthily again..
Whoever the sculptor may be..

If I could love again,
I would still be inlove with you..
Cause loving you is all I can do,
And the only thing that I want to do..

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