Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dreams and Insanity

Was it a dream?
Or have I lost my sanity?

I was in a journey filled with certainty,
The straight path that leads to naivety..
It was a strong, wide, pleasant and certain road that adopted me,
While some characters kept me company..

There I continued each step without worry,
For some friends helped me..
CONFIDENCE has been with me from my entry,
While it was INDIFFERENCE who played with me..
STRENGTH has been so supportive in locking EMOTIONS,
So BLINDESS could play its part in welcoming LIES..
ANXIETY, I left it..

It was journey so care-free,
None of the trials could conquer me..
It was a walk so long you couldn't stop,
But goal of certainty always protected me..

It was safe but rather dull,
There was comfort but rather numbness..
I couldn't hear plaints but neither laughter,
As sadness couldn't be felt as the heartbeats were monotonous..

I continued to step till something hit my sight,
It was a seed sitting on the road outside the light..
I took it my hand and let the soil take it,
And result has taken me aback..
What had turned up was a rainbow,
Leading contrary to what have a taken a bow..

Slowly I ascended,
Still amused but rather confused..
Safety and carelessness  has taken its toll on me,
I climbed up away from certainty..

Winds of curiosity swaying my hair,
Still confused who invited despair..
I felt like I was LOST but rather FREE,
As I glided down, brushed certainty, and welcomed possibilites..

Then a sudden blink of light united me with reality,
Questioning, as confusion was still embracing me..
Was it a dream?
Or have I lost my sanity?

Then my eyes wandered to get some  answers,
As uncertainty is all that welcomed me in that reality..
Contrary to what was past,
Solitude is present here where darkness is vast..

Then like the seed which hit my sight,
I saw an image standing under the spotlight..
Like an angel as white as snow,
While the face was under the hair full of stardust..
Then like the urge to rushed in,
And I jumped off the cliff where I was standing..
But with my limbs weak and my faith even weaker,
The cliff where you stood seemed farther..

But before I fell, you caught my hand,
But the gravity was stronger and pulled us together..
Your face still remained invisible,
But holding your hand was more than what's imaginable..

We kept on falling in that never ending steep,
As my heart kept on skipping a beat..
Falling that has never felt good and easy,
Till then when I've got you with me..

It was cold and the silence seems to be the only thing living,
As PAIN, SUFFERING, and SEPARATION were lurking..
But holding your hands gives the best and overwhleming feeling,
As we kept on falling, falling, and falling..

I recognized that feeling,
Something that cut-off my heart's longing..
It the same feeling I get,
When flowers give that scent, when the stars shine and waves makes me wet..

That feeling when flowers give that scent,
Something that rejuvinates my spirit..
That scent that made my heart awake,
Something that puts a smile on my face whenever I can't..

Its the feeling I get when the stars shine on me,
The courage it gives me as it shines the path for me..
That shine which keeps me company,
and fulfill its promise to guide me..

Its the feeling I get when the waves makes wet,
As it embraces me and makes me a part of it..
That feeling of LOVE itleaves,
After it embraces me and I couldn't do the same..

Then as we continue to fall,
happiness conquered confusion,
the battle for certainty ended as LOVE ascended,
And walls of my heart's defence shattered, but anxiety wasn't invited..
Or is this all an illusion?
And when will we stop falling?

Then a slight touch reunited me with reality,
What has happened with me?
Was it a dream within a dream,
Or have I lost my sanity?

Then I felt that hand that touched me,
And a static feeling rushed in me..
It was that face that was missing in the past,
And you are close to me at last..

Am I dreaming?
Or have I lost my sanity?
Now that you're here with me,
I don't care what the answer will be..
I just wanna be with you eternally..
In dreams or insanity..


  1. Parehas tayo, ikaw din si Mr. Adjective when it comes to poem writing, he he he! medyo na-lost ako sa ibang part, pero rock pa din, masyadong mahaba, pero sapul yung content, been bored sa gitna pero bumawi yung last. In total, that's how a poem should be. :)

  2. thanks for liking it.. hahah! kahit naman ako nalost dito eh.. :)

    but the idea is about how someone made me leave my comfort zone.. :) cause i loved again..


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