Saturday, September 18, 2010

violations and being single

Happy Sunday!!

It's been a stressful week for me..
I have done all the things that could terminate me from my job.. I knew they can result to that but, I didn't really care.. I don't know why.. But I guess maybe it's because it's been a year of non-stop talking to almost more than 50 Americans a day.. And almost half of them are always upset either complaining of inability to send or receive texts, or because of the incorrect charges that were deducted from their accounts (most of them were actually legal charges but they always insists they didn't do it or they didn't know about the fee.. whatever! whatever! whatever!)... So just imagine yourself trying to pacify a person who says that you talk like a monster they couldn't understand you, 25 times a day! And the other half of them call to change their phones that they don't even know how to operate, to recharge their accounts, to change their phone plans where they always dispute the charges for, or to ASK for credits(money) for an account where the total amount of recharges was just half of the credits that they have already received.. And they are still upset bec. they can't accept the fact that we (the phone company we're representing for) are not a charitable institution.. Hahahah!
Anyway, back to what I was saying, it's been a month full of violations..

First? Try to be early or at least on time for a day, and be late for almost two hours everyday for the rest of the week..
Second? If you're really afraid of getting an action form that could result to a corrective action for being late, try to ask your friend to log-in your profile and put you on LUNCH mode while you're still two hours away from the office.. (and you are the only one in the whole site which is composed of more than 500 employees who is in that mode because it is way too early to take it)
Third? Be late again after that day, and take your limited 1 hr. lunch for more an hour and a half.. (and wait for your manager to go to your station and ask you of what you are trying to prove for doing the violations.. :D)

Hahaha! I've been away from my original teammates for more than two weeks for training.. And during that time, I was still able to make my supervisor's head throb for being so pasaway.. I’m just so thankful that my supervisor tried to understand me..

The week actually started okay, since my crush was the one who approached me though I was really trying to ignore him..

I was also able to meet and bond with some of my old teammates almost everyday after shift.. I had my lunch with Christian and Ron once, and spent an hour after shift with each of them..

The week ended well with an announcement that I will be back to my old teammates the following week..
That means a good and a bad thing.. Good because I will see my friends again everyday, bad because I’ll see my manager again.. Good because I will be able to chat with my friends again, bad because I won't be able to chat with my meebo friends anymore.. Good because I’ve really missed my old team, bad because I’m gonna miss the new one..

It's now SUNDAY, and I didn't render the RESTDAY OVERTIME that I was planning to do.. So I woke up at 4:00 am after sleeping from 11am.. Yep.. I slept for 15 hrs.. So it's no mystery why I'm starving right now since I just fixed some of my things for an hour and went straight ahead to the computer after waking up..

I was also chatting with my friend's friend named Arvee.. It was actually a surprise that he replied after I texted him Good morning!.. And he continued to reply until it was time for him to go home.. During our chat, we just talked about his schedule and about being single..

Arvee: Hahaha!
Lurxie: Oh why? :D
Arvee: Nothing..
Lurxie: Ah okay.. You must be happy? Well, at least you are! Keep it up!
Arvee: Yeah.. I always am.. I just enjoy being single..
Lurxie: Ah okay.. Well that's good! Being not committed is really a nice thing.. It is a happy thought that you could actually do everything without minding anyone.. As for me, I'm actually in a long-time commitment.. with myself.. Heheh.. :D So what do you like most about being single?
Arvee: It's been 7 months actually that I’m single, and still counting.. And what I like about it is that I can have comfortable and sufficient sleep..
Lurxie: Oh yeah.. I agree.. It is really nice that we can sleep at ease without anticipating a text and waking up at some point just to greet someone bec. they might feel bad if we wouldn't do.. Hehehe..
Arvee: Yeah! Cause I was really stressed out in my last relationship bec. he wanted me to be awake whenever he is.. Non-sense! Hahah!
Lurxie: That was really funny! Is he an addict? Hahah! Well at least you we're able to sleep enough for 7 months now and still counting.. :D
Arvee;; Hehehe! But not really everyday.. Sometimes I still find it hard to sleep..
Lurxie: Yeah.. It is really hard to sleep during the day due to the warmness of the weather.. Our house is like on fire.. Heheh.. But even though it is sometimes cold, there are still some times that you couldn't sleep.. And you'll usually get that momentum to sleep when you only have two hours do it.. Haay!! That's why even though I sleep for 8 hours most of the time, I still have some eye bags..
Arvee: Right.. I'm tired of going to facial centers just to remove it and I almost had a fight with my cousin's dermatologist for it.. Cause he said that if I want to get rid of my eye bags, I could just sleep..
Lurxie: Hahah! Now that's really funny.. Hehehe.. Good thing the doctor didn't go home with a black eye.. Hahah! I really can't get over it! :D
Arvee: Hehehe.. Oh hey! We're dismissed..
Lurxie: Oh! Good for you.. Take care! Eat your breakfast!

And that's it.. Being single is really a good thing.. That's if you know how to be contented.. :D

"Nature has music for those who know how to listen"

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